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It was a short internship but was fun to work

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It was an amazing place. The staff will be always there to help you when ever you need help with. It was an airport hotel which also made it busy in the evening but it was always to work there with the people you love


the vast knowledge


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Esprit d’équipe et avantages vacances au sein des hôtels Hilton dans le monde.

Très bonne expérience, nombre d'heures d'offres compétitive.
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Productive and Fun Place to Work

True to its name, the Hilton has been the most fun place to work for me as yet. Still remember the smallest of details taught to me as a fresher by colleagues in different hotel departments. Very supportive team, encourage learning and perfection.
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Best hotel company

Overall I worked for Hilton for over eight years. I found the experience of working for the Brand to be very different from working for a franchised operator.
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Possibilité pour un vrai challenge

J'ai eu la chance de voir les coulisses du Noga Hilton Genève. Mon première stage a été au Bistroquai en 1990, et mon dernièr emploi aussi. Si cela été a refaire je changerai 2 à 3 choses dans ma méthode de travail afin de rendre les résultats plus simple à la compréhension pour le reste des membres.


Liberté des horaires


Gestion du personnel
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Productive and sometimes fun during the work.

A typical day`s work at Hilton is hectic. I learnt a lot in production, preparation of food in different categories, especially the appetizers and breakfast dishes. I also learnt about the hygiene which was very important in Hilton, and I was a very active participant in the Buffet setup and services especially during brunches and banquets. The management I would say is moderately good and co-workers are ok, we work in team in spite of disagreements sometimes. The hardest part of the job is the hours of standing but the enjoyable part of it is the outcome of the work and how it is appreciated by guests.


A well done job is always commended, and even bonuses given when job is appreciated by guests.


Illnesses and lateness is intolerable.
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Je travaillais le soir et ça me permettais d'avoir la journée pour faire mes affaire. Beaucoup de contacte avec le monde internationale très enrichissent.


Repas très bon marché
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